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My pet needs to be picked up from the groomer.  Can you do it?

We are happy to offer taxi services.  We have a pick up and drop off service for your beloved pets.  

​Please check out our 'Services' page for more information.

Are your walkers dog trainers?

Though we have lots of experience with dogs, we are not dog trainers.  We do take pride in the training we have with our own dogs, and we are willing to continue working on your commands and the training you are doing with yours.

How many dogs do you walk at once?

We like to have no more than 5 in our group settings.  Sometimes it is less and we always take into consideration the temperaments and personalities of each of the dogs.

Do you require a certain number of visits a week to use your services?

Not at all!  We are here for you as often or as little as you need.

What do I need to provide?

Please have a flat collar with a name tag & valid license for your dog.  We do NOT allow Flexi leashes for the safety of your dog, so please have a regular leash and any special type of harness/collar for them as well, if they use it.

My friend also has a pet and needs some help to, can I pass along your info?

Please do!  We would be happy to help your friends and family and in return, YOU will receive $15 off any future visit or service for your own pet(s), as our way of saying thank you.

Is there a difference between solo walks and group ones?

We are pleased to say it is the same rate for both.  The only difference is the amount of time you choose for the walk and if there are multiple dogs in one household.  All of our rates are on our 'Prices' page, please feel free to take a look. 

What is the difference between your Adventure group and doggie daycare?

Well, our Adventure group is a full day of fun for your dog. They don't just stay inside our home all day with the occasional time outside to go the bathroom. They are out on hikes and run off leash with their friends and then when they come back to the house, they can rest and even go in our fenced in yard to play (if they still want to). 

Why is there a fee for transportation for the Adventure group and not the regular walks?

That is because we don't head out on a neighborhood stroll or go to your local park. We take them to a nice wooded area, where it's safe for them to play and run and also because they come back to our house at the end. After all that, we can drop them off or you can choose to pick them up and we can arrange a time for that as well.   




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