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Danielle Smith

Hi, I'm Danielle, but most people call me Dani. I am the daughter of Donna and am also a huge animal lover.  I become extremely excited and happy when I just even see a pet video or a dog being walked. I grew up with animals always being in my house, so I am very comfortable around all types of pets.  I am so excited for Bark, Wag, Go! and the family that your pets will hopefully soon be part of.               ~Dani

Tom Smith

Hi, I'm Tom, Donna's husband & part of BWG! Like Donna, I was raised in a dog friendly family & cannot imagine life without one.  It was my dog that brought us together when we were teenagers. I have a passion for animals and truly enjoy their company & companionship.  

I am a full-time EMT for the city and during my off hours, I am with our boy Vesuvius hiking and also walking some of our BWG! pups.  I love getting to know them and spending time with them, all while seeing new bonds form. 

Vesuvius Smith

Hi, I'm Vesuvius, mascot here at BWG!  I enjoy spending my day lounging around and then when I hear my collar jingle, I get super excited knowing I get to go on another adventure with BWG!  I love going for swims and being a mentor to some of our younger pups. I really like being a role model for them!

Some of my favorite things to do are going camping, long hikes and swimming.  I enjoy doing lots of these things with my new friends here at BWG!  Thank you for letting them be part of this and for all the fun we get to have together!


Dianne Knecht

Hi, I'm Dianne and I worked at the MBTA for 25 years on the Rapid Transit Lines.  Retired as an RTL Instructor, I loved meeting and working with new employees!

I have two grown children, a daughter, 36 and a son, 29, who is enlisted in the US Air Force. I've been married 39 years this September.  I have one dog, Kaiser, a 9 year old German Shepherd and 4 cats.

Dylan Powell

Hi, I'm Dylan and have lived in Boston my entire life. Family and dogs have always been two of the biggest things in my life. I look forward to bringing that enthusiasm to my position at Bark, Wag, Go!

I have been working in the security industry between semesters at college for the past couple of years, so I've interacted with a large variety of people. Outside of that, I've been living with dogs my entire life. Currently, I own a 5 year old black lab mix and help raise a 1 year old husky. I look forward to meeting your pets as well. 


Grace Scott-Hiser

Hi, I'm Grace! I've been living with dogs all my life & couldn't picture it any other way! Currently I have two amazing furry friends named Tsuki and Cooper. We adopted Tsuki from Russia at the beginning of the pandemic and Cooper is a fluffy golden doodle with lots of energy! I can't wait to meet some new dogs & cats and give them lots of love and pets! I've always had a passion for animals, so I'm ready to have lots of fun!


A Little About Myself

How I Became a Pet Sitter

Hi, I'm Donna and pet sitting has always been a passion of mine. Since I was young, I’ve always loved animals and was lucky enough to have grown up with them.  I enjoy learning about them, taking care of them and seeing their own personalties shine through.

I am the proud mom to our daughter Danielle, who is now a Sailor in the US Navy.  My husband Tom and I decided to share our love of pets with her ever since she was little.  After owning many loving pets, we now have a 9 year old Belgian Malinois named Vesuvius and we could not imagine life without him.   


I have been a professional dog walker for over 15 years and when I began Bark, Wag, Go! back in 2017, I became so excited to share my love of animals with my clients and pet owners in the area. I hope I get the chance to meet your lovely pet soon.

~ Donna Smith 

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