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Essential Oils For Pets: Portfolio

Essential Oils aren't only for people.. they are also great for our cats and dogs!!

Something I am so grateful for is being able to share with others just how incredible these oils are for our animals, as well as for us.  They help so many in our everyday lives and have tons of different benefits.


A lot of us deal with situations where we see or hear our pets dealing with anxiety, aches and pains, or motion sickness, just to name a few.. luckily, there is a NATURAL way that we can help them, and that is with essential oils.  

Many of us may be familiar with them, but PLEASE know, not all oils are safe for our pets and there is a very big difference between the ones we find at our local store versus a very reputable brand like, dōTERRA Essential Oils.

Please check it out for yourself, and I am always happy to spend some time with you to discuss how these can help your family, both your 2- & 4-legged members.

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